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This year’s Summit introduced new conference panels and features, alongside some old favourites. 


The Dream Ticket 
(primary ticketing)

Ocean Room 


Primary ticketing is an extremely competitive sector, so what sets companies apart – is mobile taking over and who needs paper tickets? At one end of the spectrum, the challenge is to sell even a few tickets at £10 to validate an artiste’s appeal factor, while at the other, the issue is how to sell tens of thousands of tickets in a few hours and keep fans happy.         


Speakers include:

Russ Tannen, Dice

Rob Wilmshurst, See Tickets

Tim Chambers, Tixserve

Dave Newton, Seatfair



The Social Network 
(digital interaction)

Green Room 1


The speed of change in social media is setting the pace across ticketing, marketing and fan interactions, which can make it hard to plan marketing campaigns, whether for artistes, tours or venues. What formats work best for which situations and why don't "likes" translate to ticket sales? Whether it's with new apps like TikTok, buying ads and filters on Snapchat or teaming-up with influencers... what actually works?

Moderator: David Stopps, Friars Aylesbury 

Speakers include:

Kevin Brown, Gigrev

Bee Adamic, Liberty Music PR

Sean Hill, United Talent Agency


The NXT sessions with Music Glue

The Discovery Panel  
(unsigned and emerging)

Tyburn 1 


Contrary to rumours of crisis and venues closing, the grassroots music sector is thriving, thanks to hard-working promoters and a multitude of small venues nationwide. Together they stage hundreds of gigs every month, enabling aspiring artistes to showcase their talents and win audiences. This panel focuses on the key players behind the venues and what motivates them to work in a high-risk sector with limited financial returns.

Speakers include:

Dominique Frazer, The Boiler Room

Polly Miles, Acid Box

Simon Bailey, Crosstown Concerts 

Gurj Summan, Robomagic


Playing the Fields 
(festival sector)

Ocean Room 


Festivals have evolved from a stage in a park and variously-themed traditional greenfield extravaganzas to a series of open-air concerts with day tickets and no camping, and multi-venue city centre events at any time of the year. But the core challenge for organisers remains much the same - how do you stand out and attract enough people to pay the bills, once a year?

Moderator: Mike Gartside, Writer, LIVE UK/Audience

Speakers include:

Vicky Hungerfood, Bloodstock Open Air

Gareth Cooper, Broadwick Live

Alan Hungerfood, Bloodstock Open Air

Steve Jenner, Playpass



The Full Experience 

Green Room 1 


London's The O2 arena brought American management style and customer service to an unsuspecting audience and industry, paving the way for scores of venues nationwide to realise that their customers need and deserve better treatment. Advanced customer care became the focus and "the full experience, from buying the ticket to heading home after the show" became a widely adopted concept, with Wi-Fi, apps and pre-booked drinks thrown in.

Moderator: Tony Moore, The Bedford

Speakers include:

Elisabeth Carley- Leonard, The Shed

Todd 'JD' Malloy, Key Club

Ade Dovey, ASM Global Club

Anna Parry, The O2


Tech Talk 
(new tech presentations)

Tyburn 1 


New products to help the live music industry grow and diversify are emerging all the time and while many fall by the wayside, some grow on to transform the industry. This panel gives companies with the latest hi-tech offerings the chance to showcase their wares. 

Moderator: Kevin Brown, Gigrev

Speakers include:

Steve Jenner, Playpass

David Hamilton, Amplead


Guardians of the Galaxy 
(international booking agents)

Ocean Room


Without wishing to boost their egos too much, these are the elite agents in terms of global reach and impact. No other music industry professionals work across so many countries with so many people. They decide which markets are worthwhile, which local promoter is best, how to negotiate the deals and collect the fees. These individuals work worldwide and are invaluable founts of experience, but do they always get it right?

Speakers Include:

John Giddings, Isle of Wight Festival

Paul Ryan, United Talent Agency 


The Live Interview:

Emma Banks

Hosted by David Stopps

Ocean Room


Emma Banks has been called a lot of things over the years, such as Woman of the Year and Second Least Offensive Agent, but perhaps long-time business associate Chris York at SJM Concerts put it most succinctly a few years back. “Emma is simply the best at what she does”.

She has paved a remarkable career path, rising to the top of an industry dominated by males through a combination of determination, skill and a passion for music.

Emma Banks' artiste roster includes Green Day, Florence + The Machine, Katy Perry and Red Hot Chili Peppers.


Everyday People 
(diversity & gender balance issues)

Tyburn 1 


The live music industry has always attracted people from all walks of life, whether performers or their supporting cast of agents, managers, promoters and venue operators. But, how is diversity being addressed in the live music industry and what needs to be done to ensure that everyone has a fair chance to succeed?

Speakers Include:

Emma Lee, SheSaid So & ex Basement Jaxx

Ira Sylvester, Love Music Hate Racism

Maxie Gedge, Key Change


A Managing Talent session

The World is Enough 
(taking it global)

Green Room 1


Managers tend to feel an urge to get their acts overseas as soon as possible, once they've secured a home fanbase. The social media part is easy, but then it's wise to engage with experts in travel, visas and work permits, merchandising and foreign tax accountancy - assuming a good international agent is already in place.

Speakers include: 

Martin Alsop, Dales Evans

Andy Corrigan, Viva La Visa

Tim Thornhill, Integro



Taking Care of Business 
(concert promoting)

Ocean Room


Without them there would be no live music industry. The successful ones are people who depend on self-belief, have the courage to risk substantial sums of money and have the determination to make the near impossible happen, for a living. We are talking of course about promoters, the bankers of the live music business. But what challenges do they face in an ever-changing environment, not least one driven by musical trends?

Speakers include:

Matthew Green, Eat your own ears,

Simon Bailey, Crosstown Concerts

Alex Murray, One Inch Badge



Down to Earth 

Tyburn 1


With record numbers of events and festivals taking place, and fans travelling further afield to attend, the live music industry shows no signs of slowing down. But what impact does this have on the environment? How should we balance artistes' desire to perform and earn a living, and people's need for entertainment, with sustainability? Is it enough to cut waste and carbon footprints as much as reasonably possible, and who decides what's reasonable?

Moderator: Graham Brown, Plaster

Speakers include:

Holly Whitehouse, Big Green Bus Company

Liz Warwick, Sustainability Consultant

Mary Corfield, Greenbelt Festival

George Prince, Royal Albert Hall


FanFair Alliance presents

Making resale safe 
(and excluding the touts)

Green Room 1


Over the past 12 months, the UK's secondary ticketing landscape has undergone significant changes with Viagogo and StubHub forced to overhaul their business practices, and a wave of consumer friendly resale services coming to market. This panel discusses how artistes can incorporate resale into their live shows and protect audiences from exploitation.

Moderator: Adam Webb, FanFair Alliance

Speakers Include:

Hayley Leaver, 13 Artists 

San Phillips, Killimanjaro Live

Paul Crockford, Paul Crockford Management 

Reg Walker, The Iridium Consultancy



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