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Festival provides news and information across a broad spectrum of festival business activity, including the launch of new events and the evolution of established ones, anti-crime initiatives, developments in infrastructure, security and ticketing; marketing techniques, waste management and recycling. Published in print and digital issues during the key festival planning season of December to March.
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Conference sessions

The Winning Ticket
(primary ticketing)  

10.00–11.00     The Ballroom

Ticketing is the first point of contact for live music fans and so that experience is vitally important. With some audiences confused about pricing and the emergence of direct-to-fan models, how do leading players in this fragmenting sector see the future?

Panellists include:

Stuart Cain, Managing Director, The Ticket Factory
Dave Newton, Managing Director, WeGotTickets
Marino Fresch,Marketing Director, Eventbrite
Sam Briggs, Music Partnerships Manager, Songkick 

Stuart Cain, Managing Director, The Ticket Factor
The Social Network
(digital interaction)  

10.30–11.15   Gloucester Suite

The explosion in digital marketing opportunities continues to expand, with video, streaming, apps, social media and innovative ticketing solutions. But which are delivering tangible results and is there a danger of too many options.

Panellists include:

Kevin Brown, CEO, GigRev
Claire Mas, Head of Digital Music, Communion Music Group
Mark Meharry, CEO, Music Glue

The NXT Sessions with 

Art For Art’s Sake  
(artiste development)   

11.00–11.50    Montague Suite  

Quickly followed in the hit song by Money For God’s Sake, the line reflects the challenges faced by those involved in artiste development. Creative success is one thing, but generating sufficient income to sustain the participants - venue, promoter, agent, manager etc, is also Important.

Panellists include:

Paul Franklin, CAA
Howard Monk, Managing Director, The Local.
Julian Deane, Founder, Raygun Management

Fields of Gold
(festival sector) 

11.15–12.00    The Ballroom  

Major changes are taking place across the festival sector with new events emerging every year, more established ones are consolidating and some of the old giants are losing ground. So what do audiences really want, bands, the experience, both?

Panellists include:

Paul Reed, General Manager, Association of Independent Festivals
Simon Mawbey, Head of Marketing, Count of Ten
Hugh Phillimore, Founder, Cornbury Music Festival

The NXT Sessions with 

The Showcase
(grassroots strategy)  

11.45-12.30   Gloucester Suite  

Enterprising promoters and showcase venues keep the grassroots sector thriving and are the lifeblood of the whole music industry, without whom new talent would struggle to emerge. Key participants discuss the challenges.

Panellists include:

Tony Moore, The Bedford
Tom Green, 229 Venue
Ricky Bates, The Joiners Live
Daniel Monsell, Head of Live, Rockfeedback 

Tech Talk
(new tech presentations)

12.00–12.45    Montague Suite 

With new products constantly entering the market, several of the most innovative companies present their latest hi-tech offerings, developed to aid the live music sector.

Presentations by:

Liam Negus-Fancy, Co-founder, Street Team
Alex Horne, UK Chairman, Fanzone
Kevin Brown, Founder, GigRev
Niall Green, Founder, SecondScreen 

Fair Market Forum
(politics and live music)

12.15-13.15    The Ballroom

Growing outrage at the proliferation of industrial-scale and insider ticket touting has led four leading artiste managers to form the FanFair Alliance, backed by many of their fellows, industry organisations, promoters, agents and venue operators. Hear their plan and debate the issues. 

Panellists include:

Brian Message, ATC Management
Lord Tim Clement Jones
Sharon Hodgson MP
Nigel Adams MP
Adam Webb, Fanfair Alliance

Log-on to the Future
(online discovery)

12.40-1.25  Gloucester Suite 

Not only are artistes emerging from YouTube, Facebook and other platforms with established followings, but new revenue streams are opening up, which means the live music sector is having to constantly adjust. But do digital followers translate into real ones?

Panellists include:

Mark Walker, Kilimanjaro Live
Alex Bewley, William Morris Endeavour Entertainment
Elly Garrod, Studio 71


The Live Story: John Giddings

14.30 – 15.15   The Ballroom 

Presenter:  David Stopps, Friars Management Ltd 

A retrospective interview with the founder of the Isle of Wight Festival and Solo Agency – whose artistes include the Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna, Maria Carey and Pharrell Williams, featuring special guests, film clips and audience interaction.

Masters of the Universe
(tales from far-away places) 

15.30-16.30    The Ballroom

Featuring leading agents and promoters working around the globe, the tales they tell of far away places, of opening up new markets, close shaves with potential disaster and much more.

Panellists include:

Steve Strange, Agent, X-ray Touring
Alex Hardee, Agent, Coda Agency
Steve Zapp - ITB

Public Image


15.45–16.30  Gloucester Suite 

As venues large and small engage ever more closely with their audiences through social media and focus on the whole customer experience, are we entering a new golden age, or is the sector simply evolving with the times?

Panellists include:

Atif Malik, Events & Operations Manager, Troxy
Ed Lilo, Head of Programming, DHP Family 

Guardians of the Galaxy
(role of artiste managers)

16.45–17.30   Gloucester Suite

The artiste manager is the lynchpin for everything. Not only do they need to be true entrepreneurs, but must acquire an ever widening set of skills to guide their artistes to success (not to mention, survive).

Panellists include:

Ellie Giles, Manager, Various Artists Management
Ric Salmon, Partner/Director, ATC Management
Joey Swarbrick, Director, Woof Music 

Running the Show

(world of promoters)

16.20 – 17.10   Montague Suite

Agents, managers and artistes rely on them, the public pays them, venues charge them and ticket agencies take instructions from them. Promoters are the bankers of the business. Without their self-belief, willingness to take financial risk and ability to perform the near impossible on occasions, nothing much would happen.

Panellists include:

Alan Day, Promoter, Kilimanjaro Live
Ian Richards, Academy Events, Academy Music Group
Paul Hutton, Director, CrossTown Concerts

The World’s Best Arenas For Live Music is published annually in June/July and is free to Audience and LIVE UK subscribers worldwide, including concert promoters, venue operators, artiste managers, production companies, booking agents and service providers such as ticketing firms, sound, light and audio-visual companies, as well as brands and sponsorship brokers.annual round-up of the most prominent and proactive venues, from pubs to stadiums and open-air sites, that play a part in keeping the UK a world leader in contemporary music. This 84-page publication features interviews with venue operators, profiles key personalities – from pub landlords to stadium bosses, and includes a survey of trends in areas such as ticketing and marketing.
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The UK's Best Venues for Contemporary Live Music as an annual round-up of the most prominent and proactive venues, from pubs to stadiums and open-air sites, that play a part in keeping the UK a world leader in contemporary music. This 84-page publication features interviews with venue operators, profiles key personalities – from pub landlords to stadium bosses, and includes a survey of trends in areas such as ticketing and marketing.
View digital magazine here.