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Delegates in 2014  

Conference Sessions in 2015 included...

Public Image Unlimited

10.00-10.50 Ballroom
A venue’s value and importance often depends as much on its image and popularity with audiences, as its location and facilities, especially at lower levels. That’s why there’s an increasing focus on audience interaction, data collection and ensuring a great overall experience. This session discusses the evolving venue model.
Moderator: Tony Moore, Director of Music, The Bedford
Julie Arnott, Marketing and Communications Director, The O2
Rebecca Walker, Promoter, The Leadmill
John Langford, Director of Live Entertainment, The SSE Hydro
Atif Malik, Events Manager, Troxy
Ricky Bates, Head of Bookings and Promotions, The Joiners Live

The Social Network

(online developments)

10.20-11.05 Gloucester

Its hard to believe the industry used to rely on flyers, posters, and press ads, as the explosion in digital marketing oppertunities continues to expand, with video, streaming, social media and innovative ticketing solutions. But is there a danger of impact saturation?
Moderator: Sam Briggs, Music Partnerships Manager, Songkick
Sam Briggs, Music Partnerships Manager, Songkick
Kevin Brown, CEO, GigRev
Nick Calafato, Live Promotions Manager,
Claire Mas, Head of Digital Music, Communion Music Group

The Music Chamber

(politics and live music)

11.00-12.00 Ballroom

Anti ticket abuse campaigners enjoyed success earlier this year with an amendment to the Consumer Rights Bill and a satutory review of the secondary ticketing sector due shortly. Meanwhile, fake ticket scams proliferate, with calls for police to take action. Politicians and industry leaders debate the issues.

Moderator: Christopher Barrett, Writer, LIVE UK/Audience

Lord Tim Clement Jones (Lib-Dem)
Stuart Galbraith, CEO, Kilimanjaro Live
Stephen McPartland MP (Conservative)
Lord Wilf Stevenson (Labour)
Paul Reed, General Manager, Association of Independent Festivals
Anton Lockwood, Promotions Director, DHP Family

Art For Art’s Sake

(artiste development)

11.20-12.05 Gloucester

And as 10cc’s hit song title continues (Money For God’s Sake), which sums up one of the many challenges faced by all those brave souls involved in artiste development. The music needs to break through, but quickly followed by a financial return. So what are the secrets of early success?

Moderator: Rupert Dell, Head of Venue Programming, DHP Family

Bonita McKinney, Promoter, Robomagic Live
Jason Edwards, Agent, Coda Agency Ltd
Sophie Little, BBC Introducing / Gravy Records

I’m With The B®and

(brand interactions)

12.15-13.00  Gloucester

With yet more multi-million-pound arena naming rights deals, wider brand interaction at festivals, value-added content and online enhancement - not to mention Jack Daniels' investment in the grassroots live sector, has live entertainment and the corporate world of brand marketing got the formula right.

Moderator: Noel Edwards, Songkick

Joe Edwards, I Like The Sound of That
Colin Banks, Acting Head of Sponsorship, SSE
John Rash, Head of Agency & Partnerships, Broadwick Live

Masters of the Universe

12.30-13.15 Ballroom

A Summit favourite featuring some of the country’s leading international agents and promoters … and the tales they tell of far away places, the perils of opening new markets, Houdini-like escapes from potential disaster and much more.

Moderator: David Stopps, Friars Management

Rob Hallett, CEO, Robomagic Live
Solomon Parker, Senior Agent, Coda Agency
Dave Chumbley, Director, Primary Talent International

Supply & Demand 


14.15-15.00   Gloucester

One constant challenge for venues, regardless of size, is maintaining a regular supply of events, whether by buying-in shows and taking the risk, attracting outside promoters, co-promoting or creating new events themselves. What are the best ways of maximising potential? 

Moderator: Tony Moore, Director of Music, The Bedford

Rebecca Kane Burton, General Manager, The O2
Rupert Dell, Head of Venue Programming, DHP Family
Nicky Monk, Head of Regional Programming, Ambassador Theatre Group
Steve Forster, Managing Director, VMS Live

Tech Talk

(new tech presentations)

14.20-15.05 Montague

Several of the most innovative companies present their latest hi-tech offerings developed to aid for the live music sector.

Moderator: Christopher Barrett, Writer, LIVE UK/Audience  

Mark Meharry, CEO, Music Glue
Kevin Brown, CEO, GigRev
Amar Chauhan, Managing Director, Una Tickets
Ben Sebborn, Director, Skiddle

Fields of Gold?

(festival sector)

14.30-15.15   Ballroom

There is no doubt that major changes are taking place in the festival sector, not least in terms of ownership, but in shifting audience numbers, the fight against crime and the struggle for headliners. It’s a constantly evolving sector, so what’s new?
Moderator: Robert Guterman, MD, Big Fish Music Partnerships
Stuart Galbraith, CEO, Kilimanjaro Live
Paul Reed, General Manager, Association of Independent Festivals
Martin Elbourne, Glastonbury

Guardians of the Galaxy
(role of artiste managers)

15.30-16.15   Gloucester

With the major labels insisting on so-called 360 deals while reducing their general investment in new talent, the role of the artiste manager is even more critical to the future of the music industry. They need to be true entrepreneurs and acquire an ever widening set of skills to succeed.

Moderator: Jon Webster, CEO, Music Manager’s Forum

Liza Buddy, Chaos & Bedlam Management
Kerry Harvey-Piper, Red Grape Music

The Dynamic Ticket

15.50-16.35   Ballroom

The ticketing sector continues to fragment and widen, as new companies and products emerge into the sector, venues take back control of their ticketing and the public becomes ever-more confused about prices and who to trust. The experts to explain what’s going on.

Moderator: TBC

Charlie Sefi, Ticketscript
Mark Meharry, CEO, Music Glue
Margaret Tinsley, Head of Client Accounts, Skiddle
Stuart Cain, Managing Director, The Ticket Factory
Paul Newman, Director of Ticketing, AXS

Taste Makers
(the campus network)
In association with Ents Forum

16.00-16.45   Montague

Whether it's campus venues staging major concerts, students discovering new artistes, working in promotions and event marketing, or getting involved in campus facility management and artiste booking, the sector has always made a significant contribution to the UK's thriving music industry. Key players discuss developments.
Moderator: Peter Felstead, CEO, 9PR 
Luke Betts, Eskimo 11
Richard Maides, Operations Manager, VMS Live
Dean Shakespeare, Event Manager, Leeds University
Ryan Snook, Venue Manager, Reading University Students Union
Vinesh Patel, Agent, Coalition Talent

The Summit Interview

16.30-17.15  Gloucester
Interviewer: David Stopps, Friars Management Ltd
An audience with...
Neil Warnock 

Embarking as a teenage agent in the late-‘60s and soon booking acts such as Pink Floyd and Tyrannosaurus Rex into colleges, Neil rose through the ranks to build multinational booking giant The Agency Group, which he sold to America’s United Talent Agency in August, becoming its global head of music. Neil continues to represents Floyd’s David Gilmour. 

Delegates who attended last year
(listed by first name in alphabetical order)

Key to delegate's business activity:
ACC - accountant, AGEN - booking agent, AIRC - air charter, CONS – business consultant, BUS – tour bus hire, DIGI – digital technology, DIR – directory, EDUC – educational establishment, EVEN - event/conference, FEST - festival organisation, FURNI - backstage & event furniture, GOV - government body/MP/peer, INS - insurance company, INTER - Internet related company, LEGEND – living legend, LIGHT-H - lighting hire, MAG – magazine, MAN - artiste manager, MARK - Marketing companies, MERCH - Merchandising, ORG - industry organisation, PA-H - PA hire, PR - public relations, PROD - show production, PROM - promoter, PUBM – music publisher, RADIO - radio, REC - record company/label, SCREE – screens/audio-visual, SEC – security/crowd management, SOUND-M – audio manufacturer, SPON - sponsor/sponsorship broker, STREAM – streaming facilitator, STUDENT - student, THER – therapist, TICK – ticketing, V-AREN - arena, V-ARTS – arts centre, V-CLUB - clubs, V-CONC - concert hall/theatre, V-MGMT - venue management, V-OPEN – open air venue, V-PUB – pub/bar, V-STAD - stadium, V-UNI - university, VIDEO – video production.