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The Programme 2014

Summit organisers welcome any input on issues that should be discussed or which industry figures you would particularly like to see take part. Suggestions for the 2014 event should be submitted to:

Registration: 9 - 10am  Conference panels include ...

The Festival Forum

12.30-13.30 › Gloucester

Survivors of the recession adapted to circumstances and kept their audiences loyal and contented, but how do festival organisers keep pace with demand in this constantly evolving sector, not to mention exclusivity deals, the cost of policing, access control and the rest?

Tony Moore The Bedford
Speakers John Giddings Isle of Wight 
  Ralph Broadbent Count of Ten Group
  Eddie Barcan Cambridge Folk Festival

The Dymanic Ticket

10.00-11.00 › Ballroom

The ticketing sector continues as technology races onwards, with new access technology, system crashes, anti-bot defences, social media linkage and the increasing media focus on booking fees all topics to be discussed.

Roger Edwards Consultant
Speakers Nick Wells Ticketscript
  Mark Meharry Music Glue
  Andrew Parsons Ticketmaster
  Rob Edwards Eventim UK
  Will Quekett JM Marketing Ltd
  Paul Newman AXS

The Discovery Panel

11.00-11.50 › Montague

It seems that talent-spotting and long-term artiste development is ever more the responsibility of booking agents and managers, with many agencies now committing significant resources to A&R and social media marketing. So how’s it going?

Rupert Dell Independent Promoter
Speakers Greg Lowe  The Agency Group
  Debra Downes  Dawson Breed Music
  Sophie Little BBC Introducing / Gravy Records

Masters of the universe

14.30-15.15 › Ballroom

A Summit favourite featuring some of the country’s leading international agents and promoters … and the tales they tell of far away places, the perils of opening new markets and much more.

John Robb Louder Than War
Speakers Paul Franklin  CAA
  Geoff Meall Agency Group
  John Giddings Solo Agency
  Rob Hallett Consultant

Who Dares Wins

15.45-16.30 › Gloucester

Artiste managers need leadership skills, diplomacy, ingenious tactical and strategic planning, mental agility, an understanding of psychology, endurance and the courage to forge ahead when all around are losing theirs. But is it still enough?

Jon Webster MMF
Speakers Tim Parry Big Life Management
  Don Jenkins  Raw Power Management
  Ally McCrae Detour Music
  John Glover Blueprint Management

Backing the B(r)and

14.45-15.30 › Gloucester

With yet more multi-million-pound arena naming rights deals and wider brand interaction at festivals, with the accompanying value added content and online enhancement, is live entertainment and the corporate world of brand marketing got the formula right … and is it working.

Noel Edwards CrowdSurge
Speakers Denzil Thomas Phar Partnerships
  Will Dowdy AEG Live
  Anton Lockwood DHP Family

The Music Chamber: Politics & Live Music

12.15-13.15 › Ballroom

With a second All Party Parliamentary Group now set to investigate touting, the spotlight is again on industrial-scale resellers and industry insiders making extra money on the side. Politicians and music professionals discuss the issue, and others such as the threat to small venues from noise abatement orders.

Doug D'Arcy Songlines
Speakers Mark Davyd Music Venue Trust
  Mike Weatherley MP  
  Lord Tim Clement Jones  
  Sharon Hodgson MP  
  Peter Elliot  Primary Talent International

All Together Now

14.30-15.15 › Montague

Although still not always the case, when the live sector and record labels work closely together, everyone including the act has the best chance of success.

So what’s the magic formula or is it just down to the people??

Doug D'Arcy Songlines
Speakers Ollie Jacob Memphis Industries
  Pip Newby PIAS UK

Further speakers to be announced...

Venues for Hire:  Supply and Demand

16.45-17.30 › Gloucester

One of the biggest challenges for any venue is to keep the shows coming and that means regular communication with talent suppliers and a close eye on the opposition. How can a venue improve its chances and what really counts?

Robert Guterman Big Fish Music Partnerships
Speakers Bonita McKinney DHP Family
  Emma Bownes The O2
  Carl Bathgate VMS Live
  Lee Welsh The Forum Hertfordshire
  Stuart Ellerker 229 The Venue

Venues For Hire: Making it Happen

11.15-12.00 › Ballroom

Once a venue, whether bar or stadium, has a show, it then needs to accommodate the production and help deliver a viable audience – sometimes easier said than done. So what components are required for a successful show all round?

Robert Guterman Big Fish Music Partnerships
Speakers Rebecca Kane The O2
  Steve Forster VMS Live
  Jim Frayling Wembely Stadium
  Mark Blackstock Wolves Civic

The Social Network

10.30-11.15 › Gloucester

It’s hard to believe the industry used to rely on flyers, posters and press ads, as the explosion in digital marketing opportunities continues to evolve. So what’s new and is there a danger of impact saturation?

Michelle Wood CrowdSurge
Speakers Dan Rosies Music Glue
  Belinda Boakye AEG Live
  Mark Dennis  DHP Family
  Claire Mas Music Ally
  Alex Ker-Wilson Discovery Talent