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The UK's Best Venues for Contemporary Live Music as an annual round-up of the most prominent and proactive venues, from pubs to stadiums and open-air sites, that play a part in keeping the UK a world leader in contemporary music. This 84-page publication features interviews with venue operators, profiles key personalities – from pub landlords to stadium bosses, and includes a survey of trends in areas such as ticketing and marketing.
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Day One – Tuesday 9 October

  • Registration & welcome coffee: 11.00
  • Summit begins: 13.00
  • Coffee break: 15.00-15.45
  • Summit ends: 18.00
  • Networking drinks: 17.45 – 19.30
  • Bus departure for Thames Cruise: 19.00-19.15
Time 13.00 – 13.45
Room Ballroom
Title The Social Beast
Topic Social Media Resources
Blurb One Direction sold out nine 2013 dates at The O2 - more than 150,000 tickets – via only social networks. Other artistes are doing much the same to varying degrees, so how socially active are you?
Panel Adam Perry, BandApps
Ian Hogarth, Songkick
Further speakers to be announced…
Time 13.15 – 14.00
Room Gloucester
Title Taking Control: The Communion Story
Topic DIY
Blurb Encompassing live promotion, records, publishing and production, Communion was founded by artistes Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons and Kevin Jones of Bear's Den, with producer Ian Grimble. 'Communion Presents' began as a monthly club night at West London's Notting Hill Arts Club in 2006, and has since expanded to cities such as Bristol, Manchester, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, and Newcastle, and to New York City, San Francisco and Nashville in the US. Through relationships and experience gleaned from the club nights, Communion started promoting shows, tours and festivals, and has a roster that includes UK based artists such Ben Howard, Daughter and Michael Kiwanuka.
Moderator Joe Porn, Music Glue
Panel Maz Tappuni, Communion
Jamie Emsell, Communion
Time 13.30 – 14.15
Room Berkley
Title Save Money and Impress Everyone
Topic Sustainability Issues
Blurb It’s not easy to save money at the same time as prove to be resourceful and careful towards the impact of waste and damage to the environment. To see how to generate sustainability for both our events and our surroundings, join this session of presentations led by the leading representatives from the green initiative. 
Moderator Ben Challis, A Greener Festival
Panel Richard Story, Eco-Action Partnership  (Love Your Tent, Isle of Wight Festival)
  Ali Owen Thomas, Firefly Solar
Mark Linehan, Sustainable Restaurant Association / ZERO Waste Events Initiative
Time 14.00 - 14.45 
Room Ballroom
Title Maximum Exposure
Topic Broadcasting
Blurb The coverage of live music in the media - be it print, online, radio or television - is substantial. This session explores whether the media is simply meeting consumer demand or helping to create it.
Moderator To be announced shortly…
Time 14.15 – 15.00
Room Gloucester
Title The Music Chamber
Topic Political Issues
Blurb Following a successful debut last year, this in-the-round session will feature politicians across the table from live music business leaders to discuss issues facing the industry. Among last year’s participants were Lib-Dem peer and driving force behind the Live Music Act Lord Tim Clement Jones, Conservative MP and Rock The House organiser Mike Weatherly, Harvey Goldsmith and Kilimanjaro Live CEO Stuart Galbraith.
Panel Mike Weatherly MP
Sharon Hodgson MP
Lord Tim Clement Jones
Time 15.30-16.15
Room Gloucester
Title Fight For Fairness
Blurb Following the disturbing revelations in Channel 4’s Dispatches: The Great Ticket Scandal and the Daily Mirror’s more recent exposé of underhand practises, this panel reflects the views of a broadly-based movement emerging to stem the tide of touting and ticketing abuses.
Panel Mike Weatherly MP
Sharon Hodgson MP
Lord Tim Clement Jones
Rod Smallwood, Phantom Music Management (Iron Maiden)
Plus industry guests…
Time 16.00-17.00
Room Ballroom
Title Computer Says Yes
Topic Technology Demonstrations
Blurb Pioneers of online and new tech solutions for marketing and managing live shows explain how their services and products work. Presentations will be followed by Q&A and discussion opportunities.
Moderator Steve Machin, StormCrowd
Panel Oliver White, DAM Good Media
Seth Jackson, PIAS Media
Joe Porn, Music Glue
Adam Perry, BandApps
Ian Hogarth, Songkick
Time 16.15 – 17.00
Room Berkley
Title Arise Valiant Pub
Topic Small Venues
Blurb Like a Phoenix from the flames, small venues have the chance to develop and stand united to create a strong touring circuit for emerging artists. With the licensing act passed and organisations like PRS and the BBPA (British Beer and Pub Association) supporting the development of public houses, what does the future hold for these small but humble venues?
Moderator Mike Gartside, LIVE UK
Panel Andy Grimsey, Poppleston Allen Licensing Solicitors
Barney Hooper, PRS for Music
Kelly Wood, Musicians Union
Further speakers to be announced…
Time 16.45 – 17.30
Room Gloucester
Title When The Label Fits
Topic Record Labels
Blurb They may not often earn any direct revenue from it, but when record labels adopt a holistic approach to developing artistes’ career and are proactive in the live side, everyone reaps rewards. Establishing credible foundations, building a live fanbase and stimulating media coverage are all good for record sales. This panel explores how labels and live can work more productively together.
Panel Ruth Barlow, Beggars Group
Toby L, Transgressive
Jamie Emsell, Communion
Ollie Jacob, Memphis Industries
Time 17.15 – 18.00
Room Ballroom
Title Meet The Agents
Topic Agents’ Secrets
Blurb An open forum with both international operators and emerging star agents, discussing how an act gets started, the process of growth from clubs through festivals to arenas, how to break globally and how to make it last.
Panel Geoff Meall, The Agency Group
Alex Hardee, Coda Agency
Emma Hogan, ITB
Further speakers to be announced…

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Day Two – Wednesday 10 October

  • Registration & welcome coffee: 10.00
  • Summit begins: 11.00
  • Lunch 13.00-14.30
  • Coffee break: 15.30-16.00
  • Ballroom empty from: 16.00
  • Summit ends: 17.30
Time 11.00 – 11.45
Room Ballroom
Title Value Added Content
Topic Streaming Live Music Performance
Blurb Streaming live events and extra content, such as interviews or breakout sessions backstage, is becoming an increasingly necessary ingredient for festivals, acts on the road, not to mention telecoms companies keen to provide their subscribers with more content. This panel reviews the latest developments.
Moderator Steve Wild, Virtual Festivals
Panel Ben Turner, AIF / Bestival
Andy Wood, Silver Bullet Digital
Patrick Walker , YouTube / Google
Guy Oldfeild, BBC Radio
Nic Jones, VEVO
Glenn Cooper - Universal / Island Records
Time 11.15 – 12.00
Room Gloucester
Title The Dynamic Ticket
Topic Ticketing
Blurb With pressures ranging from new arrivals with the latest technology, while label and last-minute discount operators to the activities of so-called ‘ticket marketplaces’, traditional ticket agents are in a battle to retain market share. Always lively, this panel reviews the latest developments.
Panel Noel Edwards, Crowdsurge
Bill Crane, Audienceview
Craig Massey, Last Second Tickets
Brigitte Ricou-Bellan, StubHub
Will Quekett, The Ticket Factory
Further speakers to be announced…
Time 11.30 – 12.15
Room Berkley
Title Urban Surge
Topic City Festivals
Blurb City centre festivals are experiencing something of a boom, with new ones emerging across the country. Audiences find it easy to attend, they tend to promote diverse genres and deliver local economic benefits. So should every town have one and what are the pitfalls? 
Moderator Mike Gartside, LIVE UK
Panel Lisa Paulon, Camden Crawl
Dave Pichilingi, Liverpool Sound City
Anton Lockwood, DHP (Dot to Dot)
Further speakers to be announced…
Time 12.15 – 13.00
Room Ballroom
Title Fields Of Gold?
Topic Festivals
Blurb A few of the smaller festivals have fallen by the wayside and many events have seen both ticket and concession revenues fall as economic pressures bite deeper. Then there is the issue of stage structures and extreme weather, following recent tragedies elsewhere. This session reviews how the sector is coping and what the future might hold.
Panel John Giddings, Isle of Wight Festival
Ralph Broadbent, Y-Not Festival
John Probyn, Live Nation
Jon McIldowie, MAMA Festivals
Time 12.30 – 13.15
Room Gloucester
Title Who Dares Wins
Topic Managers
Blurb Leadership, mental agility, tactical and strategic skills, an understanding of human psychology, parenting skills,  endurance, stamina and the courage to forge ahead when all around you are saying ‘no way dude’, managing artistes is not for the faint-hearted. This panel assesses the challenges faced by those brave souls who do.
Moderator To be announced shortly…
Time 12.45 – 13.30
Room Berkley
Title Good Causes And Effect
Topic Charities
Blurb While parts of the music industry have supported various charitable organisations in gaining public profile and support for their deserving causes, the charities themselves have also found live music events a highly successful vehicle to further their aims.  This panel brings together key players to discuss the all-round benefits.
Panel Nicholas Bryer, Oxjam
Suzanne Bull, Attitude is Everything
Graeme Murray, WeGotTickets
Further speakers to be announced…
Time 14.30 – 15.15
Room Ballroom
Title Masters Of The Universe
Topic International Successes
Blurb Arguably  the most popular Summit session, and although their activities are still restricted to planet earth, some the country’s top agents and international promoters explain how they help to open new markets, develop acts’ careers internationally and maintain sustainability within the live sector. They also tend to share a tale or two.
Panel Rob Hallett, AEG Live
Steve Strange, X-Ray Touring
Neil Warnock, Agency Group
Emma Banks, CAA
Phil Bowdery, Live Nation
Time 14.45 – 15.30
Room Berkley
Title Captive Audiences
Topic Fan Focused
Blurb This session focuses on the fan – the source of 90+ per cent of the live music industry’s revenue, from tickets, merchandise and concessions, to instant recordings and live show downloads. Delivering value for money and keeping their goodwill is obviously vital, so is enough being done to retain their loyalty? 
Panel Dave Wilson,
Further speakers to be announced…
Time 15.45 – 16.30
Room Gloucester
Title Survival Of The Fittest
Topic Venues
Blurb Whether a venue owner/operator, manager or programmer, most will have long-since stopped simply relying on promoters, agents and producers to keep delivering enough shows to ensure a comfortable future. This session covers the methods and mechanisms that proactive venues are using to secure the three vital ingredients necessary for survival - shows, audiences and revenue.
Panel Steve Forster, VMS
Anton Lockwood, DHP
Rupert Dell, The Leadmill
Further speakers to be announced…
Time 16.00 – 16.45
Room Berkley
Title Generating Talent
Topic Development Agencies
Blurb Developing the skills of artistes and young entrepreneurs is key to the future of our industry. To encourage and better prepare a steady flow of newcomers, development agencies provide vital resources, tools and funding to individuals or business ideas they believe have a good chance of success. This panel engages with a network of agencies that offer support in this sector.
Panel Laura Whitticase, PRS foundation
Joe Frankland, Generator
Matt Booth, Bristol Music Foundation (BMF)
Further speakers to be announced…
Time 16.45 – 17.30
Room Gloucester
Title The Summit Interview
Topic Summing Up: John Giddings
Blurb Already arguably the world’s top booking agent, with clients that such as U2, the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Genesis and David Bowie, John Giddings has also indulged in promoting from time to time. However, when he floated the idea of launching the Isle of Wight Festival, even a certain global promoter who then owned his company thought he was crazy. But he found support from elsewhere and did it anyway, Join this Q&A session to learn, enjoy the stories and understand the history behind one of the most successful professionals in live music.