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Programme 2011   


Day 1 - Main Room

9.30 - 10.00 Registration
10.00 – 10.45 Base Camp Breakout

Before an artiste can escape base camp, they need to learn the ropes, build a team, acclimatise to the environment and galvanise their supporters. Is the industry giving them enough support?

Moderator:  Mike Gartside, senior writer, LIVE UK / Audience

Panellists include:
Hannah Overton, A&R director, XL Recordings 
Lucy Dickins, Agent, International Talent Booking (ITB)
Ian Richards, Academy Events, Academy Music Group (AMG)
Duncan Ellis, Scruffy Bird Management

10.45 – 10.55

Quick change-over

10.55 – 11.40 Stairways to Heaven

The rise of Muse from playing countless clubs and bars to headlining Glastonbury and stadia across Europe is the classic route most of the world’s top rock acts took, but are they the exceptions?

Moderator:     Sarah Waddington

Panellists include:
Neil Warnock, CEO worldwide, The Agency Group
Anthony Addis, Director, Brontone Ltd
Tony Moore, owner of the The Bedford venue in London.
11.40 – 12.00 Coffee break
12.00 – 12.40 Rights to Royalty

Is three per cent a fair share of ticket revenue for songwriters, many of whom, in contemporary music, are also the performers? It’s a hot topic with powerful arguments from both sides.

Moderator:David Stopps – Friars Management

Debbie Mulloy – PRS for Music
Peter Felstead – CEC Mgmt
Dave Stone – Tokyo Industries

1.00 - 2.30 Lunch
2.30 – 3.20 Fields of Gold

A few smaller festivals have fallen by the wayside, but the premier league seems to be holding up well. However, life for the average music fan is about to get a lot tougher … so what’s the plan? 

Moderator:     James Drury, MD at Festival Awards Ltd

Panellists include:
Stuart Galbraith CEO, Kilimanjaro Live
Rob da Bank, Radio 1 DJ, co-founder of Bestival & Camp Bestival, founding member of the Association of Independent Festivals
John Giddings, MD,  Solo Agency
Hugh Phillimore, MD, Sound Advice Ltd

Securing the Perimeter

A review of anti-crime Initiatives.

Moderator:     James Drury, MD at Festival Awards Ltd

Panelists include:
Reg Walker, Operations Director, Iridium 500   
DC Steve Barnes, Field Intelligence Officer, Detective Constable, National Mobile Phone Crime Unit
DC Kev Walker, Detective Constable, Leicestershire Police
Steve Daly, Operations Director, ID&C
3.20 – 3.45 Coffee break
3.45 - 4.30   Branding Integrity

Even record companies are embracing brand relationships and some have brand partnership executives. So is the industry maturing or just slipping towards the world of slick marketing and consumer exploitation?

Panelists include:

Jeremy Paterson, Managing Director, FRUKT
Chris McCormick, MD, Size12shoe
Paul Samuels, Executive director,.
Jasmine Skee, O2
4.30 –4.40 Quick change-over
4.40 – 5.30 Point of Sale

Still a dynamic force in live music, the ticketing sector is the first point of contact for the public and, on many occasions, even beats the promoter for gross receipts. But are they positive supporters or frontline exploiters?

Moderator:  Mike Gartside, senior writer LIVE UK / Audience.

Panelists include:
Rob Wilmshurst, CEO, See Group
Jason Thomas, Manager, hmvtickets
Joe Cohen, CEO, Seatwave
Matt McNeill, Partner, eTickets

The organiser reserves the right to alter sessions times and content at its discretion.

Day 2 - Main Room

9.30 - 10.00 Registration
10.00 – 10.45 Mass Movement 

Ninety-nine per cent of the music industry’s revenue, from tickets, merchandise and concessions to recorded music sales comes from the humble music fan. But are they getting a good enough deal?
Moderator:  Mike Gartside, senior writer LIVE UK / Audience.

Panellists include:
Alex Martin, Head of Music, Curious Generation
James Perkins, Director, Concert Live
Andy Cowlishaw, MD, Live Apps Ltd
Steve Wild, Chief operating officer, Virtual Festivals
Mark Meharry, Co-founder, Music Glue

10.45 - 10.55

Quick change-over

10.55 - 11.40 Team Players?

Without much fanfare (no pun intended) the major record companies are slowly moving into live music, although it is generally outside the UK at the moment. But do they believe in team spirit or just securing new territory?

11.40 – 12.00 Coffee break
12.00 - 12.40 Media Muscle

With Classic Rock magazine co-producing its first festival and Capital Radio promoting huge events again, are media players finally turning their live music activities into significant revenue streams?

Moderator: Mike Gartside, senior writer, LIVE UK / Audience.

Panelists include:
Stuart Williams,Managing Director, Q / Mojo / Kerrang! & Empire, Bauer Media
Tim PearsonHead of marketing, NME, IPC Media
Mark CooperHead of Live Events TV, BBC Music Entertainment/
12.40 - 1.15 Keynote Presentation
Simon Fox, HMV

1.15 - 2.30


2.30 - 3.40


The Political Gig

The damage done to the grassroots of the music industry by the last Licensing Act shows just how important it is to engage with politicians who care, and last year’s panel was certainly an eye-opener.

Moderator:   Doug D’Arcy, Songlines

Panellists include:

Hamish Birchall
Live music campaigner and musician

Don FosterMember of Parliament,
Liberal Democrats

John Whittingdale Member of Parliament,
3.40 – 4.00 Coffee break
4.00 – 4.40 Masters of the Universe

Over 70 per cent of the top booking agents in the world are based in London, and many of the top US players are also British-born. So what gives the Brits so much clout on a global scale?

Moderator:  James Drury, MD, Festival Awards

Panelists include:
Emma Banks Senior agent,
Creative Artists Agency, London

Dave Chumbley Senior Agent,
Primary Talent International

Steve Zapp Agent, ITB
4.40 - 4.45 Quick change-over
4.45 – 5.30 Lights, Camera, Action

With incredible stage structures resembling those of sci-fi film sets, spectacular visual effects and the widespread use of cameras and screens, can the industry continue to sustain multi-million-dollar production costs?

Dick Tee MD,

Panelists include:

Chris Ferrante, XL Video

Bryan GrantPartner,
Britannia Row

Roger BarrettDirector of group development,
Star Events Group Ltd

The organiser reserves the right to alter sessions times and content at its discretion.

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