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The Programme 2009

Day 1 - Main Sessions


10.15 – 11.15

Breaking And Entering

With live performance still key to breaking most new acts, what are the avenues open to managers and artistes in a world that’s experiencing such technological and behavioural change?  Experts discuss how to win fans and influence the industry.

Panellists include:
Moderator: James Drury, News Editor, LIVE UK/Audience
John McIldowie, The Barfly Group/Mean Fiddler/MAMA Group
Emma Hogan, International Talent Booking
Steve Tilley, Kilimanjaro Live
Dave Wallace, Wildlife Entertainment

11.15 – 11.35

Coffee break

11.35 – 12.15

Masters of the Universe

Of the top international booking agents in the world, 75 per cent are based in London, and most of the top players in the US are British-born. So how much power do they really wield and what’s their secret?

Panellists include:
Moderator: Mike Gartside – Live UK
John Giddings MD, Solo Agency and Promotions
Rob Hallett, President International Touring, AEG Live
Barry Dickins, co-MD, International Talent Booking
Geoff Meall, The Agency Group


12.20 – 01.05

Mission Possible

Expensive high-tech equipment, teams of computer experts, explosive devices and remarkable gadgets … sounds like an episode of Mission Impossible, and the work of the live show production sector is every bit as impressive.

Panellists include:
Moderator: Dick Tee, MD, EnTEEtainment
Des Fallon, Co-founder/Director, XL Video
Mark Ward, Director, Proper Power Productions
Dick Carruthers, Director, Cheese Film + Video
Bryan Grant, Britannia Row Productions

01.00 - 2.30

Full buffet lunch

2.30 – 3.20

Stairway To Heaven

The dream of every aspiring manager and agent is to take an act from pubs through concerts, festivals and arenas to stadiums. So, with record companies investing so much less in the process, how is that level of success achieved and is it just about the music?

Panellists include:
Moderator: Peter Tudor  - Ticketmaster
Steve Strange, Director, X-ray Touring
Daryl Robinson, Academy Events/Academy Music Group
Tim Parry, Co-founder/MD, Big Life Management,
Matthew Wooliscroft, Promoter, SJM

2.30 -3.20   Safety First
(Montague Suite) Chaired by insurance expert Martin Goebbels, this panel reviews issues of crowd and event safety across tours, indoor and outdoor events; the regulations, the potential dangers and liabilities. 

Panellists include:
Martin Goebbels, Apex Insurance Services
Tim Roberts, Director, The Event Safety Shop

3.20 – 3.45

Coffee break

3.45 – 4.30

The Golden Ticket

Still the most dynamic area of the live music industry, handling more money than just about any other sector and subject to the attentions of both criminal gangs and government, not to mention that pending merger.

Panellists include:
Moderator: James Drury, News Editor, LIVE UK/Audience
Nick Blackburn Chairman UK/CEO International, See Group
Eric Baker Founder/CEO, Viagogo
Matt McNeill Founder, eTickets.
Dave Wilson, Talent International


3.45 – 4.30

Great Expectations

(Montague Suite)
In association with we:LIVE

No-one without exceptional motivation and unswerving belief in their ability would become a promoter or venue operator. But those that succeed make a vital contribution both locally and to the wider music industry. This panel debates issues with names such as agent, punter, rider and breakeven.

Panellists include:
Moderator: Dominique Czopor, Founder, we:LIVE/Owner, The Boilerroom
Ross Allmark, Hail Hail Promotions
Chris Dempsey, London Tour Dates

4.40 – 5.30

Who’s Running The Show?

With record companies doing 360 deals and increasing sections of the media and brands staging their own events, is the traditional structure of manager, agent, promoter and record company gone forever? Is anyone in charge anymore?

Panellists include:
Moderator: Keith Harris, Director of Performer Affairs, PPL
Paul Craig, MD, Warner Music
Dan O’Neil, Founder/CEO, Angle Artist Management/Chairman, LoveBox festival.
Rachel Bee, ­ MD, Impact Ventures
Eric Martin, Frenemy Records

4.40 – 5.30 Snakes and Ladders

(Montague Suite)
In association with we:LIVE

A game for indie promoters and venues - roll the dice and you fortunes might rise, or an SIA inspector might call while your brother’s mates are minding the door.  This panel looks at the tangle of laws, licences, regulations and liabilities facing those at the sharp end.

Panellists include:
Moderator: Dominique Czopor, Founder, we:LIVE/Owner, The Boilerroom
Jamie Earl, British institute of Innkeepers
Steve Forster, MAMA Group
Steve Mahom, Novus Leisure
Det Sgt Thomas Bowen, Metropolitan Police

The organiser reserves the right to alter sessions times and content at its discretion.

Day 2 - Main Sessions


10.15 – 11.15

Critical Mass  

Focusing on the fan – the source of 99 per cent of the music industry’s revenue, from tickets, merchandise and concessions to record/download sales. Are they really getting the care and attention they deserve from venues, promoters and artistes?

Moderator: James Drury, News Editor, LIVE UK/Audience
Alex Martin, Head of Music, Curious Generation
James Perkins, Director, Concert Live
Daniel Fahey, Editor, Virtual
Andrew Davis, MD, TWKS

11.15 - 11.35

Coffee break

11.35 – 12.15

We’re With The B(r)and

Thank the almighty for brands. They have injected millions of pounds into venues, festivals, tours and even emerging acts. But some are starting to wonder why they can’t own a part of the act’s career … and more.

Moderator: Peter Tudor Senior Director Group Sales, Ticketmaster
Robert Guterman, MD, Big Fish Events
Natasha Kizzie, Head of Entertainment, Euro RSCG KLP
Nuala Donnelly, Music Sponsorship, O2
Sarah Jeffery, Head of Brand Events, Nike UK & Ireland
Fiona Lovatt, Gaymers Cider

11.30 - 12.15 The Green Gauge
Montague Suite

With attention focussed on some gigantic recent energy-guzzling tours, this panel reviews how the industry is adapting to a world where environmentally-friendly practices are increasingly expected by both the authorities and public.

Moderator: Ian Congdon, Echo Arena
Ben Challis – A Greener Festival
Jane Montague – The Eden Project
Bruce Elliot Smith – Archangel & Waveform
Adrian Mills, Water Mills


12.20 – 1.10


Media Muscle

From struggling for media attention a few years ago, we now have multiple Radio 1 and Bauer Media broadcasts and Capital FM back in the game, not to mention NME, Kerrang! and Classic Rock staging live gigs. Is it all good news?

Moderator: Geoff Huckstep - Trent FM Arena
Chris Ingham, Group Publisher, Future Publishing
Sammy Jacob. MD, DX Media
Karen Hendry, Marketing Manager, Kiss Network
Michelle Linaker, Executive Producer, Bauer Media

12.20 – 1.05

The Professionals
The Montague Suite
Chaired by insurance expert Martin Goebbels, this panel focuses on the issues and challenges faced by the people that much of the industry relies upon for compliance, money control and vital paperwork, while others bask in the glamour and the glory.

Panellists include:
Tansy Diplock, Director, dBm
Ann Harrison, Harrisons Entertainment Law

1.00 – 2.30

Full buffet lunch

2.30 – 3.40

Playing The Fields

More successful than any other country’s festival sector, the UK leads the world. Even the leading promoter in the US has given up trying to emulate it. So what’s the secret – is it just years’ of experience and fan empathy? 

Moderator: James Drury, News Editor, LIVE UK/Audience
Geoff Ellis, CEO, DF Concerts/T In The Park
Stuart Galbraith CEO, Kilimanjaro Live
Dave Farrow, DMF Music
Chris Macmeikan, Continental Drifts
Steve Jenner, Virtual Festivals


2.30 – 3.10

State of the Union
In association with NUS Services
Montague Suite
The bedrock of many an artiste’s early live shows, the campus circuit is returning to the foreground, driven partly by the uLive initiative and key website supporter Gig Junkie. The panel discusses the sector’s contribution and how to maximise the benefits for all.

Panellists include:
Phil Power, Entertainment Co-ordinator, NUS Services
Ali Peek, Leeds University Union
Marc Bridgen, Gig Junkie
Noel Cornford, BCUC


3.45 – 4.30

Criminal In Tent

The revelation in late-August that criminal gangs are targeting festivals and their campsites shock the industry. This panel reviews the initiatives set up to combat the threat.  

Moderator: James Drury, News Editor, LIVE UK/Audience
Reg Walker, Operations Director, Iridium Consultancy
Mark Logan, Showsec
Jim King MD, Loud Sound
Chris White, Safety Consultant

4.00 – 4.40

The Party Line
Main Conference Room
With the impact of the Licensing Act on grassroots live music no longer in dispute, the controversy over elements of Form 696 and issues surrounding secondary ticketing and fraudulent websites, The Summit asks what politics can do for the live industry.

Panellists Include:
Moderator: Doug D’arcy
John Whittingdale, Conservative
Hamish Birchall, Live Music Campaigner and Musician
Lord Rupert Redesdale



4.00 – 4.40

Who Dares Wins
(Montague Suite)
In assn with Music Managers Forum

Leadership qualities, mental agility, tactical and strategic planning skills, endurance, stamina and the courage to forge ahead when all around you are saying ‘no way dude’  … it’s not for the faint-hearted. This panel assesses the challenges faced by artiste managers.

Moderator: Jon Webster, MMF
Peter Felstead, CEC Management
Ciro Romano, Independent Sound Management
Sumit Bothra, ATC
Alex Martin, Curious Generation

4.30 – 4.45

Coffee break

4.45 – 5.30

Tomorrow’s World

The truth is that no-one knows for certain where the industry is heading and maybe that’s the way it should be. This panel gathers together experienced live music-oriented people who at least have an opinion.

Moderator: Alison Wenham, Chairperson, Association of Independent Music
Mark Meharry Co-founder Music Glue
Steve Forster, MAMA Group
Ben Richards, Just so Mobile
Steve Daly, ID&C

The organiser reserves the right to alter sessions times and content at its discretion.

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